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Old-Time Country Music from the 1920s & 1930s

fmcr Floyd Ming and his Pep Steppers OLD RED
fmcr Floyd Ming and his Pep Steppers WHITE MULE
fmcr Floyd Ming and his Pep Steppers TUPELO BLUES
fmcr Hoyt Ming OLD RED
fmcr Hoyt Ming INDIAN WAR HOOP
j15027 A.A. Gray and 7 Foot Dilly TALAPOOSA BOUND
j15027 Dilly and his Dill Pickles LYE SOAP
j15027 Dilly and his Dill Pickles KENESAW MOUTAIN RAG
j15047 Harry "Mac" McClintock GOODBYE OLD PAINT
j15047 Harry "Mac" McClintock THE TRAIL TO MEXICO
v522 Harry "Mac" McClintock THE OLD CHISOLM TRAIL
j15047 Harry "Mac" McClintock BILLY VENERO
j15048 Harry "Mac" McClintock THE TRUSTY LARIAT
cpcwv2 Charlie Poole and the North Carolina Ramblers LEAVING DEAR OLD IRELAND
j15079 Grinnell Giggers RUTH'S RAG
j15079 Grinnell Giggers DUCK SHOES RAG
j15079 Grinnell Giggers COTTON PICKER'S RAG
j15079 Grinnell Giggers SUNSET WALTZ
j15079 Grinnell Giggers PLOW BOY HOP
j15079 Grinnell Giggers UNCLE NED'S WALTZ
j15019 The Allen Brothers JAKE WALK BLUES
c411 Riley Puckett RAGGED BUT RIGHT
v522 Jack Webb THE NIGHT GUARD
j15079 Reaves White County Ramblers DOWN IN ARKANSAS
j15079 Reaves White County Ramblers SHORTENING BREAD
j15079 Reaves White County Ramblers DRUNKARD'S HICCOUGHS
j15079 Reaves White County Ramblers FLYING ENGINE
unissued Ashley and Foster YOU'RE GOING TO LEAVE THE OLD HOME, JIM
unissued Ashley and Foster WHEN I HAD BUT FIFTY CENTS
unissued Ashley and Foster I LOVE MY BABY
unissued Ashley and Foster BULL DOG SAL
unissued The Andrews Brothers TROUBLE WORRIES ME
unissued The Anglin Brothers BLOW THAT LONESOME WHISTLE
unissued The Anglin Brothers WHAT DOES THE DEEP SEA SAY
j15058 Dick Justice ONE COLD DECEMBER DAY
j15008 The Dixon Brothers DOWN WITH THE OLD CANOE
j15008 The Dixon Brothers A WONDERFUL DAY
j15008 The Dixon Brothers INTOXICATED RAT
j15008 The Dixon Brothers BEYOND BLACK SMOKE
j15053 Kelly Harell HENRY CLAY BEATTIE
j15053 Kelly Harell MY NAME IS JOHN JOHANNAH
j15053 Kelly Harell and Henry Norton ROW US OVER THE TIDE
j15053 Kelly Harell CHARLEY, HE'S A GOOD OLD MAN
j15043 The Carolina Tar Heels HER NAME WAS HULA LOU
j15043 The Carolina Tar Heels BRING ME A LEAF FROM THE SEA
j15043 The Carolina Tar Heels SHANGHAI IN CHINA
j15080 Riley Puckett COME BE MY RAINBOW
j15080 Riley Puckett and Clayton McMichen OLD MOLLY HARE
j15080 Riley Puckett DON'T TRY IT FOR IT CAN'T BE DONE
j15080 Riley Puckett ON THE OTHER SIDE OF JORDAN
j15080 Riley Puckett and Clayton McMichen THE ARKANSAS SHEIK
j15080 Riley Puckett RED SAILS IN THE SUNSET
j15080 Riley Puckett RAILROAD BOOMER
test pressing Bill Carlisle JUMPIN' AND JERKIN' BLUES
M15054 Uncle Jimmie Thompson LYNCHBURG
JB45026 Oscar Harper's Texas String Band SALLY JOHNSON
JB45026 Dilly & his Dill Pickles BUST DOWN STOMP
M15065 Charlie Poole & North Carolina Ramblers WHAT IS A HOME WITHOUT BABIES
M15012 Frank Hutchison OLD RACHEL
JB45026 Steve & his Hot Shots THE GRAPEVINE TWIST
JB45026 Roanoke Jug Band JOHNNY LOVER
JB45026 Wise String Orchestra YELLOW DOG BLUES
V-552 The Shelor Family BIG BEND GAL
M15054 Dr. Humphrey Bates' Possum Hunters MY WIFE DIED SATURDAY NIGHT
M15005 Blind Alfred Reed BLACK AND BLUE BLUES
M15065 The Allegheny Highlanders A TRIP TO NEW YORK - Part 2
M15011 Roy Harvey & Jess Johnson MILWAUKEE BLUES
JB45026 Luke Highnight's Ozark Strutters WALK ALONG JOHN
V-552 Pope's Arkansas Mountaineers BIRMINGHAM
M15011 Cranford & Thompson JIM AND ME
CWSLV1 Gid Tanner and his Skillet-Lickers YA GOTTA QUIT KICKIN' MY DOG AROUN'
JB45001 Leake County Revelers CROW BLACK CHICKEN
JB45005 Land Norris BUM DALAY
ro5095 Arthur McClain and Joe Evans SOURWOOD MOUNTAIN
M15005 Blind Alfred & Orville Reed WE'VE JUST GOT TO HAVE 'EM, THAT'S ALL
M15012 Frank Hutchison CONEY ISLE
JB45026 Sharp, Hinman & Sharp GOIN' ON UP TO TOWN
JB45026 Roanoke Jug Band STONE MOUNTAIN RAG
JB45026 Alex Hood & his Railroad Boys CORBIN SLIDE
JB45026 Warren Caplinger's Cumberland Mountain Entertainers CHICKEN REEL
JB45026 Steve & his Hot Shots SOUR APPLE CIDER
M15011 Cranford & Thompson TWO BABES IN THE WOODS
M15023 Dewey & Gassie Bassett ROOTIN' TOOTIN' SHOOTIN' COWBOY
JB45026 Sharp, Hinman & Sharp AUNT CLARA'S WALTZ
M15065 The Highlanders TENNESSEE BLUES
M15011 Roy Harvey & Jess Johnson YOU'RE BOUND TO LOOK LIKE A MONKEY
JB45026 Dixie Crackers THE OLD BELL COW
and more to come ..

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